5 Considerations when Purchasing a Fanny Pack


Fanny packs were a favorite choice of accessory for light travelers in the 80s. The fanny pack was so popular to the extent that the Ad-Week Magazine claimed that it was the most fashionable item in 1988. The packs are still a convenient, practical, and cool accessory in present times.. Fanny packs seem to be timeless in terms of fashion and style because they still retain much of their convenience in storing your items safely.

The american fanny pack has evolved through a number of redesigns. The fanny pack has been tailor-made to suit varying needs such as hiking or exploration. The customization of these packs make it a little challenging to determine the right pack for a specific purpose. Here is an outline of the five basic considerations that can make your fanny packs choice easy.

Know the different kinds of fanny packs

Latest zebra print fanny pack have been re-purposed to suit various uses. For example, travel packs are buckled at the back, and they have straps that hold around your waist. On the other hand, the lumbar pack has a large pouch and compression straps to prevent strain. These features allow the hikers to carry more weight without discomfort. Knowledge makes shopping easy..

Determine the right size

If you need to buy a fanny pack, you should figure out the size of what you intend to carry in it. Make sure that the items you carry on travel are not too big or too small for the fanny pack because the two extremes may affect the comfort of traveling with such a pack.

Go for multiple-pocketed packs

Modern fanny packs feature numerous pockets in one pouch. The multiple pockets allow you to neatly pack your items separately. Common designs have one large compartment for large items such as cameras. They also have small pockets for small items such as keys, and flat pockets for documents such as passports.  To know more about fanny pack, visit http://www.ehow.com/how_8514760_design-own-fanny-pack.html.

Consider options

No matter the circumstance, there are items, which cannot be carried in a fanny pack. For instance, if you need to carry many or valuable items, then the fanny pack may not be the perfect solution. Instead, you should consider using other options such as money belts or back packs.

Choose lightweight packs

sightseeing, hiking, and other expeditions take you through long walks. Taking too much load can strain your travel. As such, opt for lightweight fanny packs to avoid getting slowed down by excess weight.


Using fanny packs is still a fashionable thing just as it was in the 1980s. These packs offer convenient, comfortable, and practical way to travel safely. Current redesigns have introduced fanny packs for various purposes, and buyers can be a little confused when choosing. In a nutshell, you need to adhere to the five important considerations of size, type, expected use, pocket numbers, and the weight of material used to determine, which pack suits your needs.


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